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Rare Disease Day

Did you know that Rare Disease day is February 28, 2015? The ACDA partners with the Rare Disease Day organization every year to contribute to awareness of rare diseases. Visit their website at:

*** SEPTEMBER 2014 UPDATE *** The ACDA is excited to announce that we are now a non-profit 501(c)3 organization as approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service. To make a tax deductible donation on behalf of your child or loved one and support finding the cause and cure for ACD go to Donations page.

Additional updates to this website are being planned to reflect our new status as a non-profit.

ACD Association
The Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia Association (ACDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the cause and cure for ACD. The purpose of the ACDA is to raise money for ACD research, gather and share information, provide a supportive environment to families and encourage research related to ACD.  This site is the foundation of a support system and database for both families and physicians throughout the world.  Affected families that are interested in joining our efforts please click here.

The ACDA engages in fundraising, publishes newsletters, encourages fundraising activities by affected families and their friends, supports on-going medical research and maintains a list of medical journal articles related to ACD. It is our hope that these efforts will culminate in finding the cause and ultimately a cure for ACD.

NOTE: There is a critical need for patient tissue samples to improve the success of on-going ACD research. For more information, please click here

The ACDA Brochure has been updated and has a wonderful new look thanks to ACDA mom Michaela Oltmans. *** Update, the ACDA Brochure is now also available in ITALIAN (a big Thank You to ACDA mom Federica di Paolo) *** If anyone wants to translate to other languages, we will add them to the website. If you want a closer look or want to print your own, click here ENGLISH or ITALIAN.

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